Gifts for gardeners 2017

Here are some perfect gifts for gardeners in 2017. You are sure to find something for gardeners of any scale,  from the small container gardener up to someone with a large vegetable plot.

Sure to please gifts for gardeners

Gathering basket gift ideas for gardeners

English-style gathering basket

This English-style gathering basket is perfect for collecting flowers and vegetables for the home. Its attractive design also means it can be used for displaying garden bounty. With a long flat bottom the basket will keep flower stems straight and protect blooms. $30

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Strawberry and herb planter gifts for gardeners

Strawberry and herb planter

Made from 100% recycled materials, this 9-gallon fabric planter from BloemBagz has 8 side grow pockets in addition to the made growing area. This is perfect gift for gardeners who want to start growing strawberries or an assortment of herbs. It even features a sturdy handles, which make it easy to move and rotate. $30

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Rose pruning gloves gifts for gardeners

Rose pruning gloves

These flexible, padded pruning gloves are made for roses, but are suitable for all gardening tasks to help protect the arm from thorns, prickly leaves, poison ivy and bugs. Made of flexible and washable suede the gloves are supple enough for delicate task while being strong enough to keep the thorns out. Available in green and red.  $32

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Nisaku Hori Hori gifts for gardeners

Nisaku Hori Hori garden tool

This uniquely designed garden helper has a curved blade for scooping and both sharp and serrated edges for cutting. Many gardeners claim this versatile tool is their favorite as it can be used to cut branches, plant seedlings and remove weeds. $37

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How Plants Work gifts for gardeners

How Plants Work

If your gardener is also a bibliophile, they are sure to love How Plants Work by horticulture expert Linda Chalker-Scott. How Plants Work explains the science of gardening in terms everyone can understand. This is one of our favorite gifts for gardeners who have always wondered  why slugs love eating vegetables, but not weeds. $15

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Sun hat gifts for gardeners

Sun hat

This high quality sun hat has a wide brim and UPF 50+ for maximum sun protection.  While this hat is a perfect gift for gardeners, it will also look right at home on the beach or at summer music festivals. Available in a variety of colors. $17

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Japanese butterfly shears gifts for gardeners

Japanese butterfly shears

The professional grade Japanese butterfly shears feature large handles that make them comfortable to use. These scissors, which are perfect for general cutting but also adept at delicate tasks, are a versatile tool for trimming leaves, stems and roots. These shears are popular in Japan with bonsai experts needing to do accurate work. $26

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Garden labels gift ideas for gardeners

Garden labels

Gardeners can keep their plot organized with these durable garden stakes with labels. This set of 10 stakes is made of weatherproof, coated metal and includes a variety of labels, or your can write your own. $32

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Pruning knife gifts for gardeners

Opinel pruning knife

Made in France, this Opinel 3″ pruning knife is a tool sure to delight anyone who works with plants. This folding knife slips easily into a pocket but is always ready for trimming stems or cutting root balls. Opinel knives, with their wood handles and simple designs, have become cult favorites around the world. $25

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