For the gardener: Nisaku Hori Hori Garden Tool

Nisaku Hori Hori Garden Tool

The stainless steel Nisaku Hori Hori is an indispensible and universal garden helper. The versatile Hori Hori  tool can be used to cut branches, tend to a flowerbeds, plant seedlings, remove weeds, break up root balls and for many other common gardening tasks.

Any gardener who has never used one is in for a treat. Many gardeners profess that this is their favorite gardening tool and wonder how they could survive without it.

The stainless steel blade is curved for scooping soil and features a sharp blade along one edge and a serrated blade along the other. The traditional Japanese design of the Hori Hori garden tool was developed for maximum efficiency and is used to tend to Japan’s many formal gardens.

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