For the student: Breakfast sandwich maker

Hamilton Beach Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker is a wonderful little gadget that simply makes delicious breakfast sandwiches.

After plugging the device in to warm up you simply put bread, cheese and meat on the bottom and then a raw egg and the other half of your bread on the top. After four minutes everything is heated up and the egg perfectly cooked.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker would make a perfect gift for anyone who wants a speedy, healthy breakfast. It’s also a good fit for a college student living in a dorm or apartment. The sandwiches are better alternatives to frozen breakfast meals that students often eat.

Tip #1: Cleanup is a breeze if you spray the cooking surface with oil before you use it. Your egg will stick if you don’t do this. When you are done you can wipe the sandwich maker clean with a paper towel.  It seems to get “seasoned” after a while so that cooking oil is not needed all of the time. 

Tip #2: Use English muffins. They fit perfectly and honestly seem to taste the best when warmed in this device.

Tip #3: Any leftover meat will work: Grilled pork, beef or even baked chicken. Ham is especially delicious.

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